Building a Permissionless Future

We're proud of the products we've built, the communities we've supported, and the impact we've made on the world, leading the charge in the decentralized revolution.

About us



Support the permissionless blockchains and to express the importance of non-permission to the community. From the beginning, we knew that the success of the decentralized revolution depended on making it accessible to everyone, and we set out to build the tools and infrastructure needed to make this a reality.



Build a robust set of products that make it easier than ever for developers to build on the Nervos network.

Our desktop wallet, Neuron, has become the solution of choice for experienced investors and developers.

Our development frameworks, including CKB Explorer, Godwoken Explorer, Axon Explorer, Lumos and Kuai, provide developers with the tools they need to build high-performance decentralized applications.



We know that the decentralized revolution is just beginning, and we're committed to playing a key role in shaping its direction. With a focus on openness, transparency, and innovation, we believe that we can build a brighter, more decentralized future for everyone.

At Magickbase, we believe in the power of community, collaboration, and inclusivity. We're a team of passionate developers who are committed to making a difference in the world, and we're always looking for ways to learn from each other and grow together.


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Magickbase consistently adheres to the spirit of open source mutual benefit, and welcomes users to participate in the construction of the product and learn from each other to grow together.